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Wish List

I can’t think of a better gift then an expected surprise! You know you’ve met a fine man when he listens! I’ve got this loving receipie to make the sweetest gestures baked in crusty yummy Delish thoughts! Thank you so much for checking out what I need and desire <3

The infrared back device is actually for my pelvic core area and the Roomba I hope my cats take a liking too! The latex takes a while to ship but anticipation makes the heart grow fonder! The Sauna is really going to be a me and you investment I imagine you will be coming over after a stressful day and really getting every drop of that ick out of you! Most of my modeling shoots depend on your fancies of gifting me an iconic item from my wishes….

Click me Thank you
Click Me Size 2
Click Me Massage practice
Click Me Size Small
Click me Massage practice
Click me Small Size, Mistress Please!
Click Me Craftmenship
Click Me Everyday is Wednesday
Click Me
Click Me Sailor Girl
Click Me Lost in the Woods
Click Me Relax Together

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