Movies & Directors I love

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Great movies transcend time and space and connect us all intimately. They are powerful and have helped me through cloudy days.  If I could meet my favorite movie directors would be (Forever list):

Strictly Ballroom:From a Ballroom background, the star feels a different beat and follows what feels good 90s Australia -Baz Luhrmann

Dangerous Beauty: Based on a True Story, a Poetess/Courtesan saved Venice, during the Inquisition – Marshall Herskovitz

The Prestige: Two magicians Battle for the best show and take it too far 19th Century London – Christopher Nolan

Pan’s Labryinth: Young Girl’s quest to purity 1944 Spain -Guillermo del Toro

Amelie Poulin: Enigmatic Young Woman, tests her crush in the most adorable quests of kindness 1974 France-Jean-Pierre Jeunet

City of Lost Children:

Bougie Nights:

Dunkurk: Life twist so in a beautiful braid of beating hearts all trying to survive.


Donnie Darko:





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