Home Coming

Let's Invest in Island Time

I have curated a list of activities, for us to design a full two day digestive of the coolest things to do, when in Hawaii!
Pick and Choose from; Film Festivals, Cultural Events, and Private Tour options.

Home in the Islands is a beautiful song. It There are so many fusions of cultures from Filipino festivals, Sustainable Living, Polynesian art, Wellness oasis, Farm Life, Scottish Festival, Night Markets…China Town is my favorite place to find the Thai herbs and Chinese spices I love.  It’s not your plastic lei walk in the park, but a real face to Hawaii and it’s dark past (remind me to tell you about the history).  

Seafood is so fresh it tastes like it comes from purest freshest finest sea.  My favorite Poke bowl spot is along Kalakaua Ave, on the way to the illest secret spot beneath Diamond Head.  Sunsets make you feel color again…Waiola Shave ice is on the way back to the hotel from the beach. I eat the exotic flavors li-hing mui, lilikoi, & guava with adzuki beans & mochi balls at the bottom. The treat meets our bronzed skin with inviting coolness. 

I will take you to the beaches tourist fear and locals treasure then give you all the lingo and context to the place I call home. I will show you all the trails that veer into left over film sets (lost), the remnants of an old Bird Zoo in the middle jungle, waterfalls, and sacred places.



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