Date Night

Experience Camille Dee Date Deets

There is something truly uplifting about staring into the eyes of a man that loves Venus and embraces both the physical and soulful bodice.  I long for true fire and ice, the finer spectrums of desire as well as the subtle pleasantry of sensualities. 



Companionship with Fetish

I am 99% a switch, by a statistic; I am confident playing the submissive or the dominant instigator.  I come fully prepped with toys, safety gear, verbal commands and debauchery. Complies with RACK expectations (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) Thank you for respecting my collection.

1 hr 100 additional

Companionship, late nights, bubble baths and silk sheet

Seeing the sunrise is like waking up next to me! I am humbled to have a sleepover with clients it is one of my favorite things about intimacy…  snuggling under a breast and curling my back into a lover, slowly I come to pace with the rhythmic inhale and exhale from our lively evening. 


Gastro Promenade

I like to be deeply connected at dinner and share a meal that is not only nutritious but feeds the soul. Therefore a longer engagement of 2 hours is best in which it is expected to share a meal.  I love any kind of asian cuisine, fine Italian dining, Indian, and French. I present myself with grace and poise, as your elegant muse. I am honored to be present with you, for the highest quality of experience.


Companionship & Delicious Home Dinner

A special treat for those wanting a welcoming stay over for dinner, I will cook is vous plait, what ever to please you; let’s wine and dine in the comfort of my abode.  Let us spend our time wisely between the sheets and delicates of a home cooked meal and night in with your perfect lover. 3.5 hour company.


Healing Herbal Bath and Crystal Scry Session 

60 Additional

“a race down the express tract to climax is an insult to the human capacities of pleasure”

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