• Justice

    2019 Documentary Review

    Whores On Film The femmes mind and eye has been conditioned by movies constructed by and for the male gaze. Media infuses “gendered” social cues into society, since this revelation, I have excavated and uprooted my gender roles and values, examining their origins. Let’s become more apprehensive now of messages coming through media outlets. The end of my 20s I refuse to be as confused as the doe eyed femme I’d entered as, now I cannot help to question…is the story weaved by people whom walked, talked, or lived in the lives they will capitalize from. This documentary holds the sex worker stereotypes accountable for the influence they sustain within…

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    The Story of a GOOD for nothing artist and her pussy

    Manku-Chan created by Rokudenashiko which translate to “good for nothing girl” pseudo name.  “I am using my anger as a springboard, laughter my weapon of choice in the battle.  If the police want to use this manga to further wear me down. I will hold my drafting pen with this hand even harder.” -Rokudenashiko I will refer to her as Roku for short throughout… She has been an artist and sculptor of over five years, working to demystify the pussy via cute dioramas. Arrested Twice Since 2014 she has been battling the courts and wrote and illustrated a comic called Manku-Chan about her treatment and emotional tribulations with the police,…

  • Justice

    Reaction to 2018 FOSTA-SESTA

    FOSTA/SESTA IS INACTED Be Warned! Be prepared to protect your identity from these sites that are most likely affiliated with government oversight. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c1nqawo1QuiVlpA3bhS8xyDxzDDlRq6BoogAoc91OmU/mobilebasic# A Comic Explaining the law: https://thenib.com/sex-work-backpage Download an email service that is based overseas (non-U.S) for example some popular are: Protonmail.com (my personal choice) Hushmail.com Tutanota.com If you are lucky to know me on a texting basis then download these safe net apps Viber Whatsapp Signal Encrypted communication ONLY WORKS if both side (you and me) have these secure networks installed. I never take risks and would rather be safe than sorry, thank you for your compliance and respect in my new screening measures. Once you have established…